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Σόρτς Chino - 433 EVENING BLUE
από27,00 € 45,00 €
  • 277 DRY SAND
Σόρτς Chino - 433 EVENING BLUE
Ένα εύκολο αγαπημένο καλοκαιρινό σορτς Chino είναι τόσο έτοιμο όσο το αυθεντικό παντελόνι. Συνδυάστε με ένα μπλουζάκι, ένα πουκάμισο ή ένα φούτερ για μια καλοκαιρινή εμφάνιση. Κωδ. είδους: 3G820000
από27,00 € 45,00 €

Mens shirts

Men’s hoodies are a wardrobe essential, and this season sees urban, military and athletic trends give the look a whole new edge. Update your daily wardrobe with the latest men’s hoodies. From gym kits to evening lounging and laidback weekend streetwear, this collection of men’s hoodies is all about comfort, wearability and fresh contemporary style. Hoodies for men range from classic designs with drawstring hoods and fleece lining to unique takes on the trend featuring dynamic prints and luxe fabrics. Sleeveless and sporty or oversized and neutral, this line of men’s hoodies is a great way for any man to top-up his look with a youthful twist.

Channel laidback style with men’s hoodies

Choose a men’s hoodie from a premium sportswear brand for an investment that will last you through the seasons - look for a design with an iconic logo featured prominently as a mark of authenticity. Wear your pick of men’s hoodies with faded jeans and some chunky retro trainers for a subtle throwback vibe. Men’s hoodies in bold military prints, splashes of neon and graphic patterns are an urban approach to the trend and look great teamed with contrasting colours for extra impact.

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